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Discover our sought-after book repair service at Toddington Bound! If you have a beloved book in need of a revival, whether it's a simple repair or a brand-new cover, we've got you covered.

Our skilled craftsmen deliver the utmost quality in every restoration, ensuring the finished product meets your exact specifications. At Toddington Bound, your literary treasures are treated with care and precision, leaving you with a beautifully restored book.

Place your trust in us! Just reach out with pictures of your book and your specific requirements, and we'll promptly respond to bring your book back to life.


& Commissioned Bindings

Explore our expertise in fiction and collaborative cover design at Toddington Bound. We specialize in crafting captivating bindings, with recent popular titles including "Manacled," "Secrets and Masks," "Isolation," and "The Fourth Wing."

Additionally, we've skillfully re-bound classics like "Lord of the Rings," "The Hobbit," and "Sherlock Holmes," showcasing our dedication to preserving and enhancing literary treasures. Partner with us to bring your favorite stories to life in beautifully crafted volumes.


Who are we?

With a passion for books that spans my entire life, I've dedicated over 17 years to the art of creating and restoring them. From reading and collecting to the intricate craft of bookmaking, I revel in the process of bringing stories to life. At Toddington Bound, established in 2012, I've built a reputation for crafting high-quality books and journals.

Operating from my modest bindery, I meticulously handcraft each item using a blend of modern and traditional elements. Employing the finest modern and vintage materials, I take pride in every detail. Additionally, I create and incorporate my own marbled and paste papers, adding a personal touch to each creation.

My clientele spans the globe, with satisfied customers and dedicated collectors, particularly from the United States, who appreciate the meticulous craftsmanship and artistry infused into each piece.


Embrace the magic of binding with our exquisite collection of New Books, Journals, and Bespoke Bindings that are sure to captivate your imagination. Immerse yourself in the artistry of our carefully curated selection, each piece a testament to the boundless wonders of the written word.

Exciting news for fanfiction enthusiasts – indulge in the allure of our exclusive Fanfiction Binding service! Transform your favourite tales into tangible treasures, bound with love and adorned with personalized touches that make each creation uniquely yours.

Experience the revival of literary gems with our Book Restoration and Repair Service, breathing new life into cherished volumes. Unveil the charm of aged pages as we meticulously restore and preserve your literary companions for generations to come.

For those seeking one-of-a-kind literary companions, our Bespoke Book & Rebinding commissions await your creative vision. Craft a masterpiece tailored to your preferences, combining artistry and functionality in perfect harmony.

Elevate your reading experience with our passion for craftsmanship and dedication to the written word. Dive into the world of literature like never before, where every book is a work of art, and every binding tells a story of its own.

Discover the extraordinary at our Etsy shop – because every book deserves a tale as enchanting as its cover. 🌟📖✨


At Toddington Bound, we are passionate about providing our customers with high-quality book binding services. Based in the United Kingdom on Manor Road in Toddington, we strive to provide excellent customer service to ensure each project is completed to perfection. You can get in touch with us by phone at 07837 630223 or by emailing us at Simply put, we are here to help you get the most out of your book binding project! click below to contact us

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